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Disney World for our annual summer vacation

When I was 17, my parents and I went to Disney World for our annual summer vacation. Since they didn't share my taste in rides, we would all get our park passes and then go our seperate ways for the first couple of hours. Disney World is incredibly crowded during the summer season as it is, so you add the fact that there were several new rides opening up, and the place was a mob scene. It was during this vacation that this little pervert discovered the joys of groping strange women in public.

It all started on one of those seemingly endless lines. This line went up a long series of ramps, so if you looked up there was always a long line of people directly above you, their ankles at about your eye level. Well, after about standing in line for about twenty minutes, I looked up and to my surprise (and delight) found myself looking directly up the short, shimmery sun dress of a very attractive woman with a young boy in tow. She looked to be in her late twenties, early thirties at the most. She had a fairly large pair of breasts that bulged against the thin material of her tight dress. Her dark brown hair hung down to her shoulders and she had a lovely face. Her legs were long and tan and firm. She either didn't notice me looking up to the promised land, or she knew that there was nothing she could do about it and chose to ignore me. She had on a pair of white cotton panties that rode up and disappeared into her butt crack, leaving the bottoms of her butt cheeks spilling out. Every time that she would bend over to tell her son to move up in the line, I would get a glimpse of her fat pussy lips bulging against the thin white cotton crotch of her panties.

After the ride was over, I started to follow her, hoping to get another peek up her dress. What I would end up getting was much better. She met up with either her boyfriend or husband, who took the young boy from her, and then left. She went off on her own, and I continued to follow her. She started to approach one of the new rides. I had passed this ride the previous day with my parents, and we all agreed that it would be hell...the people on line, if you could call it a line, were packed together like sardines. According to one of the Disney World employees, a young girl had blacked out because of the combination of the heat and the crush of the crowd and had to be taken to a local hospital.

My parents had told me to stay away from the ride, but when the image of my body being pressed up against the body of this hot older woman, there was no way I was turning back. I continued to follow her, hoping and praying that she wouldn't walk right past the ride. She didn't. Instead, she stood on the edge of the sea of people. She was chewing her lower lip, as if debating whether or not to jump into this mob scene.

I made up her mind for her. Before I made up her mind for her. As she took a tentative step forward, there was a sudden rush of people from behind, and we were both pushed, almost against our will, into the crowd. Our bodies were now touching, but we were still on the outer edges of the crowd...not where I wanted to be. I took a deep whiff of her perfume, and then pushed forward. She tried to step to the side to make way for me, but since there were people on her left and her right, she had no choice but to move deeper into the crowd herself. It wasn't long before the sea of people closed in around us, and we were sandwiched together. I felt my dick, which was pressed against one of her soft butt cheeks, growing harder and harder beneath my shorts.

I looked down. My hands were down by my sides, and they were grazing the silky material of her sun dress. I moved them a quarter of an inch and my fingers touched the soft flesh of her butt through the dress. I pressed the backs of both hands against her butt cheeks. She glanced over her shoulder. Since I was shorter than her (she was tall, about 5'10" or so) we did not make eye contact. The glance only lasted a second, probably deciding it was a leg or an arm that was pressed against her rear end. Slowly, slyly, I turned up hands so that the palms were facing up and lightly cupped both of her butt cheeks. The soft curves that I had spied on the previous ride now lay in the palms of my hands. She apparently didn't notice the difference in the contact, so I pressed on her butt cheeks as if I was giving CPR. Nothing.

I left my hands like that, buried in the flesh of her butt cheeks, astonished at what I was getting away with. I then began to rub her left butt cheek with a small, circular motion. This she noticed. She tried to turn around, but found that she couldn't move an inch due to the crush of the crowd. She glanced over her shoulder, looking for her molestor. She looked very annoyed. She let out a sigh, then finally turned back around. The fact that this woman could not move began to sink in. She was completely helpless. She could not turn around, and even if she could, she could not identify whose hands were molesting her in a crowd like this.

I moved my dick, which was now rock hard, so that it was lined up with the crack of her ass. I couldn't move my body, so I had to do it as best I could with my hands. It dragged across her left butt cheek, The sun dress was loose at the bottom, and the head of my dick plunged right into the crack of her butt. I pushed forward, trying to burrow it in as far as possible.
She felt the intrusion of my erection. She glanced over her shoulder. She now looked very, very annoyed. She tried to escape by twisting her body like a cork screw. I grabbed her by the hips and steadied her. There was a sudden push from behind, and my dick was jammed even farther up her butt. The head of my dick was now pressed up against her little starfish, making her not only annoyed but extremely uncomfortable.

With my dick nestled in her butt crack, jamming her panties and her dress into that very rude place at the same time, I tried to squeeze my hands between our bodies and make a grab for her butt cheeks once again...but couldn't. The crowd had become so tight that we were nearly falling over each other. My hands were no longer on her hips, they were around her waist. I decided that now was the time to get bolder, while the crowd was at its tighest.

I slid my hands down, was the crowd as too tight to just drop them, down until they rested on her upper thighs. She tried to push them away, but her arms were pinned to her sides as if she was tied up. She was now letting out very loud, extremely annoyed sighs. I found the hem of her dress and began to slide it up her thighs. She glanced over her shoulder, and now the look on her face was more panic than anything. I tried to slide the dress up to her waist, but the butt of the guy in front of her kept me from doing that. I slid a hand under the hem of her dress, my fingers extended, looking for the promised land.

I looked at her. Her skin was a flushed red, and the smell of her sweat was mixed with the smell of her perfume. Her breathing had gotten heavy with her panic. The junction of her thighs and crotch was sweaty. My fingers touched something soft and cotton...her panties, slightly damp with sweat. I pushed a little harder. I could feel the slit of her pussy lips underneath the damp cotton. Her legs were clamped together. I squeezed my fingers between her tightly clenched legs. She gritted her teeth in frustration.

I pushed the thin cotton into her slit, almost experimental with my first pussy. My finger, surrounded by the thin cotton, slid right into her sweaty honey pot. It was moist (with sweat I am sure) and hot. I had heard about a bud called the clitoris, but was too green to find it. My victim was now squirming, desperately trying to escape, but finding nothing but unwilling bodies...people just as hot and uncomfortable and as helpless as her. She quivered, which felt pretty good, as my dick was still jammed up her butt.

I began to look for her vagina, but found that the cotton gave too much resistance. As I slid my finger underneath the leg band of her panties, she looked as though she was on the verge of tears. That just turned me on more...a grown woman, completely helpless at the hands of some little pervert kid, and almost reduced to tears. I felt her fat, sweaty pussy lips, covered with some thin strands of pubic hair...she wasn't hairy, but she didn't shave either. I found her slit, which was now unbelievably moist. I wanted to believe that I had made her wet, but the distress on her face told me that it was probably all perspiration. I slid my index finger through her lips, and then...there it was, her most intimate spot, the vagina.

I pushed my finger into the hole, which was somewhat tight, and just like they said in that movie, it was like warm apple pie. I began to move the finger up and down, up and down, exploring her crevise. A saw a tear roll down her cheek. She was completely exhausted. My head was resting against her right shoulder blade and her white deodorant had begun to run. Her hair was damp with sweat. I thought she was going to pass out. I pulled my finger out of her vagina. It was damp, and I wanted to smell it. The sea of people went on as far as the eye could see. I still had time.

I slid my hands up her sides. I felt my fingers touch the bottoms of her breasts. I thought of grabbing her breasts, but if she saw my hands, she could possibly connect them to me and identify me when the crowd thinned out. Instead I just massaged the bottoms of her breasts, kneading the flesh between my fingers, and slowly moving my dick up and down the crack of her butt. Finally, after over an hour of feeling this hot mom up, the line thinned out. She didn't even look back to search for her molestor. When she reached the end of the line, rather than get on the ride, she stepped off to the side and began to cry. I got on the ride with a smile on my face and took a deep whiff of my fingers...the musky mix of sweat and pussy. I was hooked.
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My Mom's Hidden Desire -Eng. Sex story

Once the final taboo was broken, there was no looking back. Mom & Me made many passionate love session while dad was away (& even when he was in office).Need non mention that I did badly in my exams.

After exams, I had 40 days leave. Dad forced me join a computer course ( I wished I could just keep my hardware in my mom's software). One day, I went to the comp. institute & found that there was no power in the building. So no course was possible. I came back home, thinking I could get some nice cosy moment with my Mom & was dreaming of tasting her pussy.I was in for a shock..

At the gate of our house, I noticed my friend Abbas's Bike was parked there.I was curious. Abbas was a classmate of mine & does poorly in studies. Both of us had applied for same computer course but somehow Abbas had decided to take evening batch & not mine. I think I was getting the idea now.

I decided to check out for myself what the matter was. There was a separate entrance from terrace to our house via our boundary wall. I pulled myself through it & made it tip toed to Mom's Bedroom backyard. We had left space all around our house for gardening & I could reach the window of my mom's room.What I saw left me awestuck.

Abbas was completely nude & was fondling my Mom's breasts. My mom was only in her black lacy panty (I have never seen it before). Abbas is a well built guy. 5'9 tall, broad shoulder but what stuck me was his massive 8 circumcised dick. It must have been 2 thick & hard as rock. My 6 dick with 1.5 thickness will look like a miniature in front of Abbas tool. I could not believe my eyes. My ***** Brahmin married Mom getting horny with a ****** guy who is same age as her son. Abbas by now was kneeling in between Mom's thigh & with his teeth on mom's panty lace. He pulled the panty down with his teeth, my mom gave out a giggle.Throwing the panty over his shoulder, Abbas parted mom's leg & started licking her shaven cunt. Was I dreaming ? My mom has shaven her cunt for this guy ? Abbas said Aunty, u look beautiful without hair at your pussy . Mom said I could not wear your small panty with all this hair hanging out. Abbas lifted the bum of my mom & gave it a lite bite. Mom moaned in pleasure. Ahhhhh….. Abbasssss.

I was geeting hard now. I was also angry, that my friend is screwing my Mom, but somehow the whole scene was very arousing. Abbas pushed mom on the bed. He climbed on mom's breast & started humping her breast. Mom was able to lick the tip of his massive dick. It was glistering with saliva. What a whore, I thought. Abbas was also moaning & taking my Mom's name, Asha Aunty, I luv ur choot, U r the bestetc. Then he stiffened & shot his cum all over Mom face & plenty in my Mom's mouth. Mom started giggling like a small schoolgirl. What a slut ? Abbas took the remaining cum from Mom's face & spread it over mom's breast & belly. He then started licking that. Mom was laughing uncontrollably because of tickle. What will happen next? Will he screw the hole, which I thought was mine alone.The best was yet to come?

Abbas kissed my mom's lips deeply for about a minute & then said You promised we will do it today

Mom replied No I am scared.
Abbas: Don't worry. It will be fun
Mom: OK. But be gentle
Abbas gave a deep & passionate kiss to my Mom. What were they up to? Mom got up & went to dressing mirror & took out Vaseline. Abbas asked for Moisturizing lotion also. I was totally clueless.Abbas asked mom to turn around & lift her abdomen. Mom was in doggy postion. Oh my god ! A pious ***** wife getting rammed from behind by a ****** guy ! The virgin hole which was denied even to her Hubby & Son. I was extremely angry & at the same time hugely aroused.He took a big lotion of vaselin in his figure & started inserting in my Mom's fat ass. She sqimmed with pain. Ahhhhh Abbas careful. Slowly. Abbas kissed the bum of my mom & said don't worry, I will take care honey. My dick was now throbbing.Next time he took a big portion of vaselin into his thumb & started inserting into her ass.By now mom was bit relaxed.He inserted the whole of thumb. He was making circular motion with his thumb.It was I guess broadening her asshole. Abbas gave a final thrust .Mom let out a loud moan. Ohhhhhhh. He then withdrew his thumb very slowly & opened the moisturizing lotion bottle & poured a good quantity in her open asshole. Boy this guy was an expert.

Abbas now postioned his dick in front of my mom's mouth. She was still in all four. She took half of the dick into her mouth.Poor thing, she was chocking with it. Abbas was running his figures through mom's hair & was calling out all obscenity. Raand, Choose mera lauda(Whore, suck my dick). My Mom was getting humiliated in this manner & all I could do was feeling aroused by it. Abbas now took position behind my Mom's virgin ass. The first thrust was gentle. He held mom's belly with his hand. Then instead of he pushing forward, he pulled Mom back towards her in one quick motion.Mom let out a loud cry. She was obviously in pain. Abbas was not to loose this opportunity. He thrusted his huge dick again onto her ass.Abbas was enjoying him self. Inspite of a fan running overhead, I could see my Mom & Abbas sweating.In next 10-12 thrust, Abbas was inside her.Just when Mom thought it was over, that bastard took out the entire dick at one shot. Mom shouted out in agony. She wanted to run but, Abbas held her belly on both sides firmly. Being a strong guy, Mom could not do a thing. Then Abbas repeated the thrusting.Mom seems to enjoy her this time. Once the huge dick of Abbas was inside, he started playing with her pussy. He fingered her pussy & pressed her nipples. Mom was escatic.She was clearly on a high. Abbas now started slow rhythmic thrusting.Mom was moaning with pleasure. Abbasssss…my luvvvvv. You are my dear hubby. Abbas was now thrusting vigorously & was uttering something which was not understandable. He had closed his eyes & was clearly enjoying himself.


Abbas came after about 5-6 minutes of thrusting & collapsed on her. Both were exhausted & drenched in sweat.My mom turned around & hugged Abbas tightly & planted a tight kiss on his lips.They were lip locked for over a minute & then Abbas got up & took a look at the wall clock.
Abbas: Aunty, time to go.
Mom: You go so soon. Ok.You will come tomarrow again naa
Abbas: I am addicted to you
Mom: And I am addicted to this saying this mom kissed abbas now placid dick & gulped the whole thing inside. At placid 5' it was easy to mouth.

This went on everyday. I will go for my Classes at 11.00 AM & within half an hour Abbas will be in my house, enjoying with my Mom's body. I will be back by 1.30PM (actually I never went, I use to hide & watch). After Lunch, Mom will come to me in my room & make passionate love to me. She was a changed person now. An tigeress, who is on prowl. Who was to blame ?

My impotent dad ?

Me, for giving her forbidden pleasure
My friend, abbas for taking advantage
Or my slut Mom.
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My Mom'S Fucking Secret - Eng. Sex Story

This is my true story about my mom whichhappened few months ago , and I want to share it with you . We belong to a rich family and live in Karachi's posh area my father is a business executive, my mom is also working in advertising agency as senior executive she is about 43 year old and she is really very good looking and beautiful she is tall 5-7 nice and rounded boobs and a very attractive figure she have beautiful rounded soft hips and when she walk they swing its look very fantastic and give a very sexy looks when she wear saree or shalwar Kameez she have long face and sharp nose and very fair in complexion . I love her very much and she also give me every thing possible

Now I want to tell you the real story. The story start like this , I am the only child of my parents My dad is very busy in his work and traveling so my mom drop me to university and went to her office and in lunch time he pick me and come home and we had lounge together then mom goes back to work and I do my studies and in evening mom come back and then we live together but no time fixed for Dad to come home some time he come very late and we see him at only weekends if he is in town .

So now main story starts 1 day my Mom drop me to university & went to her office but after one hour some student make hangama and start protesting so university staff call of the class and send us home . I call Mom on her Mobile phone to inform her but her cell phone was not switched off and she was out of office So I come home bye my own

When I reach back to home. I get surprises to see my Mom car was parked out side & I get suspected that why she is home at this time, but I thought that maybe mom don't feeling well so she come back home for rest as some time before happed and when I want to open door it was locked from inside and my key does not unlock the door first I think to push the call bell but second thought come into mind that may be if mom is sleeping and I don't wanted to disturbed her . Luckily our apartment have an other door where same key applied and nobody other then me knows about this , I try that door and it get open I went inside house . I was surprises to see that T.V is on and two glass of half empty with cold drink and some biscuits nimco was

on the central table and Mom Duppata and Kameez was on laying on sofa, and one pair of men shoes was also laying along with her sleepers are on floor I get doubt full what is happening inside house So I move further and reach towards Mom bedroom her bed room door was closed but I heard some sound coming from there unintentionally I bend down to key hole and try to look inside Ohhhhh my God what I saw I cant believe my eyes and I was completely sunned for few second to see inside my blood pressure jump up and heart beating reach at highest point

I saw she was standing on floor and Mehtab Uncle (My Mom a office friend) holding mom against his broad chest tightly and both were kissing each other her hands are on his back and his one hand squeezing Moms tits and with other hand he is holding her buttocks and playing with her hips crack Her tongue was like a feather brushing across his lips He opened his mouth and she explored the warmth inside.She was wearing a tiny little bra that couldn't hold all of her big, beautiful tits and as they spilled out of the bra, he pulled down her bra was so her boobs are in his hands of I I had never seen his mother so close to nudity and it dawned on him that she was a beautiful woman Then she start unbuttoning his shirt and shirt fell down on floor then her hands reach to his pant and she start un buckle his pant and its also get down and he step out from his pant and now his is wearing only a underwear. I can clearly see his dick is getting hard in to it but both were so assionately kissing each other Still without breaking the kiss, he took her hand & wrapped it softly around his cock. After a few moments, she withdrew her hand; then,

she slowly broke the kiss and gazed down, dreamlike, at his erection. Slowly, on her own, she reached for it, stroked it lovingly, and caressed its length with hypnotic fascination. They don't know I am watching them from key hole my eyes were still looking inside meantime he pull Mom shalwar String and lose it so her shalwar fell down to her feet's and now her black panties is not
enough to cover her big size white buttocks with in few second he also pull her panty down to her knees and he also unhook her bra now I can see her completely nude she look so gorgeous in nude her body is propionate not a single gram of over weight she is her hip look great .

Then they move to bed and Mom sit on edge on bed and sparred her legs . Mahtab uncle sit between them on floor and he hold her leg in his hand and start kissing them from toe and slowly move up to wards thighs, he kiss her legs one bye one he rub his face on her thighs and toes and kissing them. I heard some Moaning sound from Mom mouths, and she closed her eyes and her head is moving side to side in pleasure her face is showing her inner feeling that she is enjoying it very much after some time Mehtab Uncle put his face between her thighs and she open her leg some more and fold them to up . I saw that he is start licking and kissing to her shaved pussy. When he put his mouth on her pussy she again start moaning little bit louder and I can hear her sound clearly she was moaning "�.ohhhh aaaaahhhhh janoo yes suck me please bohat maza aaraha hai " now she laying on bed and open her leg more wide so he can do it easily Mehtab uncle keep doing same about ten mints, in this time she was moaning louder and louder with her pleasure then he get up & he also lay next to her on bed & he removed his underwear I was surprise to his what a huge cock he has it was drak brown and about eight inch long and more then two inch in diameter thick look like a solid colander .She hold it into her hand and Mehtab uncle pull her over him and she start kissing to him and I saw she is slowly moving downwards first to his neck then his chest then his stamock and she reach more down to his dick I saw she is kissing head his thumbing dick and rubbing it on her face he moaned in sudden pleasure. She began to lick the length of his cock with long strokes, Her red tongue danced slowly up and down his swollen prick head, teasing him, unleashing his passion. Suddenly she open lips and put his head into her mouth & start moving her head up and down, his dick goes into almost half her mouth, when she move her head up it come out only head of his huge cock left inside He holding her head down on him, he thrust wildly with his hips, driving his shaft deep into her mouth. I had never seen my mother so close to nudity and it dawned on him that she was a beautiful woman. But how could she be sucking on his cock. Just then mother's head dove down as she took all of his cock into her mouth and throat. It was impossible, I thought. How could mother be deep throating him ? And then how could she get all of his big cock down her throat. About ten mints she continue sucking his cock into her mouth now he is into full pleasure and I herd him moaning loud Ohhhhh ,,,, mari rani tum to zabar dast coosti hoo �.Hay kia bat hai aaahhh Mari jan �� please aur chooso �.aaahhhh Mehtab Uncle hand moved down her back & around her buttocks , his fingers traced the inside of her crack, pressing his fingers in to Her cunt My heart pounded; unsure what was happening to me but it was nice to me. After ten fifteen mints Mom stop sucking All at once, Mehtab Uncle reached down and pulled her head up off his rigid pole she lay down on her back and spred her leg on bed and said Janoo Abb tum jaldi se mujhe chodo mari choot bhohat garam hogayee hai " "Acha Jani Abhi Loo " he laughed, crawling up between her outstretched legs, "I really want to Fuck you my Darling . It is a pure delight He took his position between her legs and she fold them to her chest to give accommodate him . "Bas ab daloo Janoo mari garam choot ka main Mota Land dal do ," she laughed, reaching down and grabbing hold of his bobbing cock. I watched on in shock and disbelief as mother quickly fitted his big, thick penis into her drooling vagina.He push his dick it slid almost half into her pussy OOOhhhhh God, you are too big dear aaaahhhhh�� I love your big, hard cock, Ohhhh�.its hurt me " she moaned as he began to slide it in and out of her, "It's so fucking big. For my tight choot aaaahhh phat

gayeee araam araam se karooo janoo" Mehtab Uncle don't say any word and keep doing his work and kiss mom lips and hold her one boob in his hand to squeeze them and he keep inserting his huge cock into her cunt in few stokes he inserted full of his dick into her pussy. Mom once again moan haii mar gyeee Aaaahhhhh Mar gyeee ahista karroo Janoo Tumara Land to bohat mota hai �. Bohat dard horaha hai�.. Kia mar daloo gye �.Aaahhhhh Uuufff After inserted full of his dick into her pussy H e stop for a few seconds and don't move any further for some time and in this time I found that Mom Pain get subsidies and now she is getting pleasure she pull him toward her and kiss his lips and smiles in a very naughty way. I saw Mehtab uncle stat banging her pussy with slow and soft thrust but soon I feel that his speed is increasing and he is fucking her with full speed he pull out his full dick from her pussy only hear remain inside then he again thrust it into her pussy at once and she welcome his dick into her pussy and she rise her hips to make him more comfortable Both of them are moaning aaahhhhhhh,,,,,,eehhhh,,,,,�.. uuuffff hayee sound are coming from room I heard Mom sound coming out loudly " ooohh Janooo �..bara maza arahahai aur zoor se karoo Aahhhhhhh haaan aur zoor seee Janoono pleeaseeeee I am cummmiing � Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh �..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh, Fuck, I'm cummmiiinnnggg," mother finally groaned, digging her long, pink fingernails into his hips and ass.
"Oh, Janoo , fill me up with your sweet cream," she cooed as she thrust herself against him. Aaahhhhhhhhh. Main pagal ho jaungi. AAaaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh. Itna maja mujhe aaj tak nahin mila�..Chodo�.mujhe zoor se chodo. Mujhe itna chodo ki main hil bhi na paoonMain bhi chootne walaa hoon ��Janooo aaahhhh ooohhhh Main Gayaa " he grunted thrusting his big, fat cock down into her pussy as hard as he could. Then he push few more thrust and finally he collapse on Mom , she hold him into her arms and wrap her leg around his waist his breath is out of control for about fifteen mints he take heavily breathing then slid next to her on bed and kiss to her and with a naughty smile he ask her

"Dear Maza ayaa? kisa laga tum ko aj" ?She laugh and said Han bohat maza ayaa Janoo �.. tumhara land to bohat bara hai�. Mari joti se choot par di us ne she kiss him and put some tissue papers between her thighs to clean her legs were wet with sticky fluid come out from her pussy and his cum .He hug her against him After about ten mints she went to bathroom when he was laying on bed and having he take heavily breathing and clean his dick with tissue paper After few mints Mom come out from bathroom she was wrapping her body with white coloure towel around her body to cover her boobs to knees she pick her cloth from floor and sit on bed near him he look at her and laugh " kia aur nahi karna hai "

"Na baba tum ne to Aj aik hi bar main dam nikal diya " she said and start to wear her bra but Mehtab uncle take her cloth from her hand put them on side of bed and said Mager abhi yeh to dobara tayar ho raha hai " he pointed out toward his dick which getting arouse again Mom smiles and said" yeh to hamesh he khara ho jata hai" he hold her hand and put it on his dick which was almost dead. she hold his dick into her hand and with touch her hand it again getting hard again he pull her towards him and she fell over his chest she put her head on his chest and lay next to him on bed he hold her into his arms and said " Darling tumhara chodane mai jawab nahi main ne asi choot pehly nahi mari "

He pull her towel and now she get nude and kiss her she replying his kisses and with one hand she is playing with his dick said "Tum bhi to zabardast chodo hoo " she said and kiss his lips abd they again get involve in kissing soon his dick get fully hard and he was also playing with her boobs and he take one into his mouth a suck like baby taking feed from there slowly he put mom on bed on her back and turn his face toward her legs and start licking her feet from toe to knees and thighs then he put his face between her thighs and she spared them wide on bed so he can easily reach to her pussy and he give his dick into her hands and she first play few mints with it then put into her mouth and start sucking it like ice-cream bar she ride over his face and put her pussy on his face so he can lick it and his dick into her mouth I think it call 69 position while both of them sucking each other about fifteen mint they were in same position Then Mom step down from him and said " Janoo bas ab mujhe chodo �.." He said " Tum hi upper se aoo na jada maza ayee ga" Mom ride on him as his legs were between her legs and her cunt is in front of his big dick and hold his huge hard cock into her hand and

fixed it on pussy lips and put some pressure its slid almost half into her pussy she bend down and kiss his lips and he hold her boobs into his hand and start squeezing them and Mom hold her left boob into her hand and give him to suck it , he took her erected brown coloure nipple into his mouth and suck it
With a break of few moment Mom is moving up and down and his dick coming in and out of her pussy like piston . Now she moan with pleasure and again move her hips up so dick come out only head remain inside and when she move down his full cock goes inside About fifteen mints she keep jumping on his dick and then and moaning loudly�" Oh, Janoo AAaaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh. Bara maja araha hai�."
He reply her ohhhh yes ( ) Janoo tumhara jawab nahi hai bas kzoor zoor se karoo
She had few big thrust and step down from him said " Bas Janoo Main to thak gayee �.Uufffffmari to Tagyeen bekar hogyeehai aaj "she fell down on bed next to him and open her legs wide and invite him to come from top of her " ab tum upper se choda �.." And he take his position , pull her leg on his shoulder and after fixing dick at her verginal entry . one stroke he inserted his dick into her pussy a loud " aaahhhhh sound come out from her mouth she
was in full pleasure and cooperating with him by rising her hips to match his stock he keep fucking her , doing in and out first in slow speed increases and after few mints of fucking her into full speed he push full length of dick into pussy only his big ball remain out side then he pull it out and only head of cock inside again push is back into her and again start moaning Aaaahhhhhh Janooo I am cummmmminggggg cummmmiiiinggggggg Aahhhh hayee Janoo aur zoor se chodo Janooo main I am also cumming Janoooo " she hold him into his arms tightly against him and wrap her legs around his waist He again had few more big stokes , and fell down on her and hold her his body is shelving and his breath was out of control he keep heavy breathing for few mints and step down from her and laying next to her and put his hand on her chest and both face touching each other After ten mints he first to get up and said " Mari Jan tumhara jawab nahi hai �"and went to bath room

Mom was still on bed her eyes were closed and she is looking very tries but on her face I can see a great satisfaction feeling was very much clear He come out from Bath room after few mints Mom get up from bed her pussy and thighs was wet from stick with the fluid come out from her pussy . She put some tissue paper on between her thighs and said in naughty smiles" aj to tun ne mujhe mar hi dala mari tangeen jawab degyee " and she throughing tissue paper into basket Maza nahi ayya kia ? he ask her

Bohat maza ayya mager thak bhi gayee na she pointed to her pussy and said again tum ne is ka to bura hal kar dya" and laugh Yeeh to bari garam choot hai Janoo Tum ne to mujhe bara maza diya" he also laugh and said again " tum se ache koi aurat nahi chuda sakti hai and he wear his shirt and underwear while mom goes into bathroom , after getting fully ready he light a cigarette and take a deep puf of cigarette and sit on edge of bed waiting Mom to Come out from Bathroom In mean time he get ready and Mom come out from Bathroom her lower body was wet with water she start wearing her cloths first she wear her Bra and panty then shalwar and she look around for her shirt and ask "Mari Kameez kidhar gayee �Yaar ." He told her that she left it into sitting room and once again hold her into his arms and kiss her softly Mom try to realize her from his hug and said "Bas ab chorao na �.Dare ho jayee gyee�" Dil to anhi karta hai chorne ko he said and hug her against his chest Dil to mare bhi nahi chata hai mage Shahid ko bhi to university se lena hai she said Abhi to bohat time hai yaar�.. he hold her hand and pull towards him and make her sits on his laps and put hand around his shoulders he kiss her on her cheeks and put a hand around her wait and said "� You are looking great Darling ��.I love you Janoo ." I love you too " she said He rub his face on her breasts over the bra and with one hand he squeeze on of her tits and he try to uncover her boob from cup of her

bra but she hut her hand on his and said Bas janoo Aj aur nahi Kion he ask her Main thak gyee hoon ��fir kisi din kar lena ��main koi bhaagi to nahi "Main to tumhara diwana hogaya hoon�.." He again rub his face to her
boob and kiss just below her bra "fir Kab miloo gyee Janoo" He ask her Jab Dil kare tumhara � main to tumhari hogyee hoon She said and put her head on his shoulder . he hug her against him . He put his hand on her breast and hold in his hand and press it and try to kiss her lips she open her mouth to give way to his tong to search her mouth His hand slowly move to her boobs and he slid her bra cup & pull her one tit out After some time She separated herself from him and got up from his lap and turn toward door
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Stripped and got Fucked in a Nasty Bus Journey - Eng Sex Story

i am neha from hyderabad.i am 26 yrs old married lady and married for 1 yr.i am fair(but not very fair),my fig is 36 29 38.i am little taller...5' 6''.my husband has been outside india for last 6 months for his i stay alone at home..
i work in a private firm in the home is away from city. i generally travel by my car. it was the incident one month ago.i generally leave office at 6 p.m and by car it takes 1 hour to reach home. but on that day while starting my car from office i found there is some problem in enjine. i contacted a local mechanic there..after looking into it he told that it will take one day to repair. so for that day i had to return home by some otherway.
the only suitable conveyance was bus. so i went to the bus was almost 7 when i reached there.for almost half an hour no bus came.i came to know from other locallites that there was bus strike on that particular root. however after some time one bus came which is for some other root but it will reach upto my home though in different root. as there was no bus and it was highly packed up.already it was 7:30 ..i decided to get into it. after going into the bus i found no place even to was so much crowded.however managed to hold one rod and able to stand by any next 2- 3 stops the bus became more and more packed up.suddenly i noticed a hand is resting on my hip.i was wearing a pink saree with matching sleeveless blouse.i generally wear saree below navel.when i noticed the hand resting on my hip i did not care thought it was due to heavy crowd and not intentional.but within a minute to my surprise the hand began to move very slowly over my butt.i tried to move away but there was no place.i did not want to create any sceene there for this type of molestation due to i remain standstill. the person understood this and took advantage.he was now moving his palm more smoothly and fast.i was sweating feeling the situation.i was holding a rod upwards, so my underarm and armpit was fully open as i was wearing a sleeveless blouse.i found a man's face very near my underarm and he was sniffing my armpit.i wax my underarm so it was smooth, though i waxed one weeks ago there was little hair on it.i tried to move but no place. i let them continue thinking that they habe to leave me after my stop come.i asked the conductor , he told it will take 2 hrs more to reach my stop as it was not normal route bus.hearing that i tjink the two men became more excited and contiued their job more fast.i found no girl neaar me. only 2-3 ladies were away from my shock those kadies got down..and i found i was the only woman in the packed up bus.
now i noticed one new hand is going inside my pallu in belly area nad rested on my belly is almost flat,very little plum and have a big round deep the new hand is roaming all over my belly and puting his finger into navel.there were around 6 people arond me.3 of them doing he nuisance to to my shock one new more hand rested on my smoothly came down and touched the side of my 36 boobs.i horrified.there was no escape.i did not want to create any scene due to shame i became silent.the people understood this and became more excited.the hand on my boob moved more sater and fondling my 2 my shock one more haand joined on my boob.they were lifting my boobs as if measuring the weight of they are squeezing my boobs more hand now trying to unhook my blouse , 2nd hand also joined.within 2-3 mins they could be able to open all my hooks of blouse. now my white lacy bra i noticed all the 6 ppeople around me noticed the fact what was happening.they were all now attacking my i found few hands were trying to pull out my blouse. but it was not possible as i was holding the rods, so there was no place to detach my blouse from my body.but now to my shock and surprise 4-5 hands was trying to tear my blouse. as my blouse was of thin material within 5 min they teared off my blouse and made it into pieces and detached it from my i was wearing only bra on top covered by saree it was the turn of my lower part.

i realised one hand came inside my saree in the waist area and caught the string of my
pettycoat, he pulled the string of the pettycoat suddenly,but knot did not open rather it several hands became busy in lifting my saree and then those hands pulled down my
pettycoat as already string of it was torn.soon they opened away the pettycoat from my body.
now i was only in white lacy matching bra and panty inside with covered with pink thin
saree.meanwhile few hands started massaging my boobs puting their hands inside my i
realised that not only the people around me but also at least other 10 men around came to
know around the incident. they all trying to fondle i was feeling their hand in every
part of my body.suddenly in found one hand on my panty and trying to put his hand inside it.
i shocked and move away the hand from was my most private part that i cant let other
to touch. but now they made a trick.suddenly one hand moved at the knot of saree in the
waist area where it is tucked and and open the knot of the saree in the the saree
became fully loose. previously i was saving my vagina by one hand,but now i had to hold the
saree in waist as it became very loose as the knot was my one hand was holding the
rod upwasrds for balance and other one holding my it became very easy for them to
open my bra and panty.several hands snatched my bra with some effort.meanwhile while
struggling to save my bra,one hand very smoothly pulled down my panty and opened it away.i
could not do anything. now i was standing only in my thin pink saree which was covering my
completely nude body. then i noticed two short height man accessing my one boobs the
right there was a shrt height oldman was squeezing vigorusly my right boob. at the left a
teenager was doing the same to my left boob. now they put their head inside my saree and
started suck my nipples. i have big round areola and nipple,seeing that they became excited
and started sucking hard. meanwhile my saree has been lifted up.i found few hands pressing
my smooth round ass so hard.i found few hands on my pussy roaming. as if there was a
competetion going on who can put his finger into my pussy hole.within few seconds one hand
succeded to locate my pussy hole and entered 2 fingers into it. i had little layer of small
hair on my pussy. other hands began to roam on the pussy from outside and csaressing my
pussy hair.when they were fingering my pussy it became wet as love juice was began to flow
from inside my pussy.

suddenly i found few hard thing was rubbing against my ass cheeks, those were cocks.when
they were fingering me i was having some sexual pleasure and stimulation,though it was a
shameful and humiliating experience and love juice was flowing inside my vagina. suddenly
one who inserted finger into my pussy removed it,i relaxed but to my shock the finger was
replaced by a pussy was tight.two hands helped my pussy apeture to widen and the
cock entered into my pussy, with few jerks it otally entered into my the man
began to fuck me in rythm.meanwhile the cocks that was rubbing my ass chheks ejaculated on
my ass. my ass cheek was filled with semen.thogh it was very shameful i began to like the
sexual pleaure and i reached an orgarsm,and the man ejaculated into my pussy too.then
another cock replaced the previous one and began to fuck me.meanwhile at least 20-25 people
around me understod the incident. they all wanted to fuck me. i was horrified. one man was
fucking my pussy,few were rubbing heir cocks on my ass. one old man put his cock into my
deep round navel and began to fuck my navel.few were sucking my 2 boobs in sharing basis.the
people who could not access anyone of these,was licking my armpit,neck next 20 min i
had 4 fucks in my pussy,10-12 people ejacluted on my ass,2 fucks on my body was
filled with sticky semen and saliva of the hungry last the conductor fucked my pussy.
now almost all people in the backside of the bus understood what was going on. they saw my
almost nude body , covered witn a thin saree. meanwhile my stop was coming. i came out from
the jungle pof men by lot of struggle ,and could be able to get down from the bus. i was
only wearing the thin saree whose knot was very loose in waist, anyway holding the saree ,
and wrapping over my body to cover me. the all people of the bus was looking at me lusciously when i got down. the bus passed then.
it was 10:00 p.m at night, so the bus stop and locality was lonely, no body was there. otherwise it would be a problem if some body saw me in the area with that semi nude state. however i adjusted my saree there, which was my only covering. i understood that if i wear my saree properly no body able to understand that there was nothing beneath the saree as the light was also very less. i adjusted and properly wear the saree like that. now i started walking along the road towards my house. then for my surprise i saw the bus stopped after going to few distance and noticed 4 men got down from it.  

i understood that they got down just because of me,to get me or to follow me.the 4 men were
their mid 40s.i began to walk along the lonely street and the 4 men stated follwing me.then
they satrted running and chased me. i ran but they could be ebale o catch me.but when i
tried to escape from their hands they began to pull my saree pallu.all joined to remove my
saree.within a minute my saree was gone away from leaving me fully nude on the lonely street
at night. i requested them to give me my saree.they knew that i could not ran away nude.they
told if i would co operate with them then they will give me my saree.there was no other
option.they took me to one nearby smalll field surroundd by bushes.after reaching there they
started fondling my body. one put his face in between my thigh and started kissing my
vagina.other was joined and started sucking my boobs. thogh i had no clothe,i
had my small bag with me.i had my mobile there.suddenly my mobile rang.i got rid of them
and opened the bag and picked up the mobile. it was my husband calling.i did not want to
disclose the shameful act, so told him that i am at home,going to sleep now. we talk some
other formal thing also.while talking with my usband onemman was caressing my ass and body.
after i had talk with my husband, they understood from our conversation that i stay alone at
home.there eyes became brightened.they told me that they will enjoy me not in the field
rather in my home,as there was no body in my house.they snatched my mobile and told if i would not tae them to my house they will disclose all the incident to my husband. there was no ther option other than taking them to my home
they gave me my saree and i wore it,and went home with the 4 men silently.i entered my home with 4 men and locked the door.they told that they want to have me on my bedroom.i obeyed them.before that o told them i want to have a shower as i was exhausted.they agreed.i went to bath.

they sat on the sofa in my drawing room and started to watch tv. meanwhile i went to take bath.i removed my
saree and took towel from my bedroom and wrapped it against my bodyand was going towards bathroom.this was my
normal way to got to bath. to go to bathroom i had to pass through drawing room where 4 bustards were there.
my towel was pink,it was bit short,so my cleavage and ample portion of my thigh was exposed.while walking
through the drawing room seeing me in that dress, the eyes of the 4 men were glistening.however,i didn't waste
any time,and fast walked into the bathroom, and closed the door.i started bathing,after few min, i had knock on
my bathroom door.i understood, that they were asking for something.I said "what happens?"
one man shouted "open the door.we want see u while bathing"
i replied " pls no. i can not"
they replied " if u don't obey then u know what we can do"
there was no way to escape. i was bathing naked, now wrapped the towel on my body and open the door. they were
licking their lips seeing mw in that situation. it was very shameful but continued bathing. one told then,"open
your towel". IO hesitated but no option was there.slowly i removed
the towel which was the only covering on my body and started bath. it was great feast for their eyes. they were
masterburating seeing me bayhing nude. after they completed their shagging, they went back to the drawing
room.meanwhile my bath was also over, i wrappped the towel again and went to my bedroom.I wore a sleeveless
nighty that i usually wear at home.applied some body spray on my i became fresh.
I went in the drawing room. when they saw me, they told that they were hungry and told me to cook food for
them. i went to the kitchen and started cooking.after 5 mins 2 men entered into the kitchen. they standed
behind me and started caressing my body. i shouted" what r u doing".
they replied in a commanding voice "continue ur cooking".
I continued with cooking and they were caressing my body,sqeezing my boobs.suddenly one of them lifted my
nighty and felling my thigh. he lifted it bit more, my white panty was exposed to them. one started feeling my
pusssy over panty. then he hold two sides of my panty nad smoothly pulled it down.i was going to tell some
objection, but they commanded " do ur cooking" he opened the panty and took it in his hand and started feeling
it . i generally wear costly branded undergarments.
he told to other man "this panty is costly one, the material and cut is so good and sexy".
other one replied " later we will have to see her stock of bra and panties". both laughed.
now they one was caresssing my naked ass and pussy and another one was licking my armpit as i was wearing a
sleeveless nighty.I was cooking at the same time

gardually they removed my nighty, i was only wearing a bra and nothing inserted his
dick into my pussy from behind and started to bang my cunt. within few minutes he
ejaculated in my cunt. then next person did the same to my pussy. i was cooking at the same
time while being fucked. when the went away from my kitchen, they took my removed nighty and
panty along with them.meanwhile i completed my cooking. there was nothing to cover my
bottom. at last i found a very small piece of white colored cloth in the kitchen. somehow i
managed to cover my bottom part with that scanty cloth. after wearing that cloth piece it
was just covering my pussy and ass, that's all. the width of it is less than 3 inch ,so it
was unable to cover my lower abdomen and upper portion of upper portion of the
round ass was also visible.and top there was my bra to cover my boobs.suddenly one of the
four men call from the drawing room to bring food. i brought food to drawing room on a table
there. seeing me in that dress they were licking their lips. however they started to eat
food. i was serving them. while eating they continued caressing my body and private parts.
while caressing somebody removed the cloth that i was wearing bottom. i was wearing only a
bra and serving food to them at the same time. after finishing dinner,i cleaned the
table,they washed their hands and asked me for cold drinks. there was coldrinks in the
freeze, i brought the bottle out and started distributing that in glasses. then one man
he told " we will have the cold drinks not in the glass, rather in a different way".
others's agreed.
then he asked others to remove my bra that was my only clothe and wihtin few seconds i
became completely nude.
he told "madam lie down on the table".
i hesitated, but they all shouted again.
i had to obey, i lay down on the table on my back.
then the man opened the bottle and poured the coldrinks all over my body, mainly on
myboobs,belly,vagina(pussy) and thigh.
now all of them jumped on my body and started licking the colddrinks from my body. one was
licking the drinks from my from navel and belly. one from pussy. and last one from
thigh.i closed my eyes in shame.i was feeling sensualtickling effect in my pussy as one
bastard was licking coldrinks from there.soon i became wet and had an orgasm.they started
laughing, meanwhile they cleaned all the coldrinks from my body with their tongue. i was
sfeeling like a whore while being enjoyed by those lower class middle aged men. however now
i could be able to get a curtain of the window and opened the curtain, and wrapped that
cloth onmy body to cover me.
now they told "madam let us go to your bedroom." then they all entered my bedroom along with
now one man told " where is your wardrobe where you keep your dresses Madam?"  

I asked "why u want to know about my wardrobe?"
they shouted "u just tell madam where u keep ur dresses?"
i showed the almirah, they opened that.then they started exmining my different dresses. then
they opened a rack in the almirah where i keep my lingeries(undergarments).they bring out
all my under garments and exmined thorughly all the bra panties.after 10 min they took out a
set of bra panty ...thsi was one of the most costliest bra panty set i have. colour is light
blue. it was of netted lacy material. the most important part of the panty is it was of
bikini cut. bra is also small like bikini bras. they took the set and started moving it in
front of me and started laughing. i put my head down in shame.
"it must be very costly" one added.
another one told " so madam, we have stripped we want to give u the opportunity to
wear something course a costly one "....they burst into laughter.
now they told me to wear the set of bra panties and nothing else and also told to wear some
jweleries and put lipstick and do some make up. i astonished but there was no way other than
obeying them. they left me in the room and told me "after getting ready come into the
drawingroom in that dress. we are waiting in drawing room". i hesitated for few minutes..but
as i was helpless i had to to do whtever they were ordering. then i wore that bra
panties.aqs it was of netted lacy material it was semi transparent. when i stood infront of
mirror i could not believe my eyes. i was looking like a damn sexy whore. i combed my
hair..put lipstick on lips..did some make up. as per their order i put earings, one
necklace, one gold waist chain, and set of bangles in my wrist. i was looking very hotand
sexy. meanwhilke they were shouting from drawingroom "r u ready madam..we r eagerly
waiting..come soon". i came out from my room and entered the drawing room. seeing me in that
dress and outfit...they standed up and became speechless. they were licking ytheir lips
seeing my semi nude body. in shame i tried to cover my semi nudity with my hands...they
shouted "dont put ur hands in front....let us see ur sexy body madam in this sexy bra panty"
i put my hands side nad put my head down. now they started the music system..and music
one of them asked "madam come in the center of the room and start dancing with the music"
I said "no pls ..pls dont ask me to do this shamefull act"
they started laughing and reminded me what they could do if i did not obey them.
I had no option, i came in the centre of the room. once i used to dance. i started dancing
with the music.
one added"wow madam....wat a sexy performance"
another one told "move ur ass and waist more sexily madam"
i obeyed them. i continued dancing moving my waist and ass more sexily. my gold waist chain
added extra sensualty in it.they began to shout praisingly with dirty words.they were
licking their lips seeing me dancing in that semi nude sexy outfit.
I was feeling shame but at the same time i was becoming hot to exhibits my body to 4 unknown
middle aged low class man. I a rich,upper middle class, educated beautiful, sexy young
married woman was being stripped and used by 4 uncultured lower class middle aged ugly
men...thinking this i was feeling a hotness in my mind. my heart became pouncing.
they were prasing my semi nude dance in dirty words, licking their lips and rubbing their
dick on the pant while i continued dancing. 

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Incest Son is Born - Eng. Sex Story

my name is ramamoorthy...all call me as " rams" wifejayalakshimi....."jaya"......very horny...she is from andra.. fromchildwood ...i have incest it has come to my son son name is raju. his age 13 to wife age 38 my age 43..oneday i came from the office. i saw my son's cycle in the parkingplace.when i went ....i did not see my son..i heard the sound ofbathing from the bath room.all on a sudden i had my honrythoughts.... i want to go in the bath room when my horny hot wife wastaking bath. without making noice...i slolwy...( removing my shoes)when i neared the bath room...i got frozen becoz of shock..becoz my14 year son was peeping thru the key-hole of the bath room and tryingto watch his chubby mother. seeing this scene....i got my cock veryhard..becoz i am a wife watcher..means...i love to see my wifegetting is fantasy in me so long...when i saw my own teenage son was peeping his own mother naked in the bath room ....i gotmy cock to burst(more or less) by the sexual feelings of this type ofincest sight...without making noice..i retreated...from the there.but i did not tell any thing abt this to my wife or to my son..i wasafraid if i tell this to my wife she may get angry and beat my sonvery badly..i did not ask anything abt this to my son. i wanted tosee and enjoy this incest this drama.within a week i saw another and my wife chatting in the bed wifesaid..she wanted to piss..i told her," may come with u and help u inthis regard?" becoz...i always gracy to see my wife pissing nakedlyin the toilet with her spread thighs pushing forward her bulging cuntafter my every fucking. sometimes i used to show my face or cock orballs on her yellow piss shower. after her pissing there will be somepiss drops on her cuntal lips..i like too much to lick and tastethose piss drops and push my tongue in her cunt.. some times i chewher clit also.she will get horny agin and force me to fuck again. now i have to tell u abt my wife..her name is jaya...a littlechubby...76kgs...36c.. boobs(mola)...36-28-38.. buttacks,,(soothu)38...thighs seem to be thunder thighs..wellshaved cunt.(punda nallauppikittu periya boori maadhiri riukum).highly educated...working inthe same car company wher i am working..she is 9incompleted) CA. sheearns more..more property from her parents side than me..soautomatically she is very head-weighted lady and arogant andadament..she is from andra..good looking very hrony lady she is incest( having sexual contact with her younger bro..who is in USAand comeson vaction every 3 months like that..) before marriage we had a cleartalking abt our weakness on our both sides... so we came to a mutualunderstanding not to enter other's margin. when i did two time..shehas gone for divorce..and i tried my level best thru her lawyer andconvinced her by giving promises..that is another let usgo to the present story...ok....?becoz her piss drops.... already my cock would have gone to a stage alike steel i will thrust my cock in her cunt there-itselffuriuosly and fuck her in the bath room as if there is no i wanted to do this time also like that...but when i open my bedroom door ...i saw my son peeping the toilet where his mom waspissing..and he was massing his cock strokes to hisyoung cock..i came to bed room and waited for my wife.when she came i told herwhat i saw for last one month..i expected she may burst out likevolcano.. but she queitly told me.." i know it"..i got shocked...iasked her'" jaya...u know it? that means....u allow yr own son to seeyr naked body? u want to make him gracy after yr 36c boobs with blacknipples and juicy hot bulging cunt?" jaya said...."look not talk as if u r saint...what u did in yr 13 age?...uforgot....? yr widow mother was angry with u when u saw hernaked? at all..."as is the father so is the son" sex we are broadminded...u too BI (like to suck cock) if wepunish him now...the results will be negative..he will seek badfriends and go with them and get spoiled. do u wish our only son getspoiled becoz of our hasty and idiotic decision? what is that we areloosing? i right? he is getting joy...u aregetting hard..and fuck me well...i am also happy in showing my bodyto a young stud...and get my cunt hot...more over how long u can fuckme? another two years..then u will get fed up with same cunt...and uwill seek for another also.....i want a spare young one tofuck me.. let it be our son...the matter will not go out side of our4 walls..moreover if he has sexuall contact with future evenafter his marriage.... he will keep me cool and will not hate melistening his wife's words...these are the + points ..plz think itover...and take a decision..."...i got stunned listening my wife'swords..she is 100% we had a discusion..and came to aconclusion...that is give a part to our son... in our sexplay... after two day..i called my son...and put some booksbefore him...all i took from his his table hidden place..he gotshocked..i told him not to worry..i gave him one BF video casste..itold him to see it and enjoy well. i told him " raju...daddy knowsall...i know u r gracy after mom...nothing wrong it...but keep yrconcetration on yr studies well..if u get the 1st comingexaminations...daddy will give u a free sex show with yr favoritesexy mom......ok?..."another 3 months he and night....and theresults came...he was 1st of all the 7 and my wifebecame very happy..i wanted to keep up my word...regarding this italked with jaya my wife...that horny bitch was ready then speard her thighs for her son....we waited for night..after lunch....i closed all doors and windows..and called my son tomy bed room...the BF was going on video and wife was hidingher whole body in a the bed. i had lungi only sonraju entered the room...he looked both of us...he saw the was an incest movie... in it...a matured mom was suckingher teenage son's cock...the son was massging her big boobs...icalled my son nearby .i removed his half pant and T-shirt one wife was over joyed to see her own son naked with new young stud.i knelt down before raju....and push back his cock foreskin...ilicked his cock knob. slowly i swallowed his full cock and i brushedmyface on his balls. he moaned....becoz i am BI sexual i lovesucking cocks.... i wanted to teach my son wife slowly got upfrom the bed..and pulled him towards her...she kissed him on hislips...she put his hands on her big boobs..she pressed his mouth onher erected nipples..he strated chew her nipples like the meanwhile after my nice sucking his rod has become steel likerod.....then i raised my wife nighty upto her waist..jaya spread herthighs widely.....with her two fingers she opened her cuntal lips and told my son..." this is yr mom's heaven( sorgam) this is the placefrom where u came to this far excpet yr dad no one has seenthis holy secret gate of kiss the gates and and chew theclit ..some juice may be coming..u drink it..... it is good for thegrowth of yr how dad is enjoyimg me and my cunt...then ucan follow..ok in this chair with yr naked spread thighsand shake yr cock and see this..."..jaya clled me to fuck her....iwas already nude and jaya removed her nighty in front of her son andhusband. she volenteerly spread her thighs and parted her cuntallips..she pushed two finger in her cunt and dipped them with herjuice and called her son to lick it..raju said...." mom yr juice isvery tasty but y it is a little salty?"..i asked jaya to keep aposition like dog. i took my tool and brushed it against the ass holeand cunt way...i told raju.....and feel dad's cock...he took my cock and withouthesitation he started to suck he has seen so many BF hesucked me like a the mean while jaya let him sit on her sothat his cock was in her mouth and he was busy in sucking mycock..raju....said " dad plz.....i want yr 1st semen in mymouth..fill my mouth ..i will share it with mom...if u pump now yrsemen in my mouth u can fuck mom for 2nd shot for a long time....sopzl spray yr seeds in my mouth dear dad...if i get married...i willlet U..fuck my wife 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Mother Cousin - Eng. sex story

This is my true fucking insedent with my aunty who is my mothers cousin
sister and she is widow since 5 years. but I love her with my early age
before her marriage. well she have a nice figure very round and soft pair of
tits and very hot red cunt hole in between her silky and long legs.

As I told you that she is widow and she have four children so she have some
problem of money is very much in every month. whenever I go to her home tomeet her I gave her some money from my salary and some other things I give her. one I asked her that what is ur bra size and she told me that she have 38d(mmmmmm) I said ok then my next trip I brougtha lacey bra of english company and give it to her and told her that if she have to wear it now for me that how is looking in this bra but she refuce me and tellme its not good . one day when I go to her home she was alone there and all the children goes top school this day I also buy a bra which was front open bra so i gave it to her and some of body spray I just spray one of them on her under arms and neck and her breast. oh bab7y that is so soft mmmmmmmmm I love that she is now on her bed room and laying on bed with her nite sute when I do this to touch her breast she take alittle moane hhhhhhhhh,,,,mmmmn please dooooonnnnnt dooooo it .

But today I got a chance and I dont want to lose it so I rub her tits and
her bally very gentlly she dose not move and dont stop me so I feel bolder
and just take her face inmy hand and kiss on her lips wow what a lip thay
are thay have very much rus of life which give me a plesure of life so I
suck her lips and she also suck mine after few min I enter my cold tounge
into her mouth and she take my tounge into her and strat suck it hungrily.
my hand now reach her ups and downs and checkout every part of her body she is now in full of my under I just slid her pajama cuz its with elastic band
on her bally. wow I saw her newly shaved pussy which is fully wet and
dripping with hot and salty water.

I strat to make her made so I make kisses on her every part of body inch by
inch and suck it with my tounge and made her mo0re sexy and more horny to
ready a nice fuck. when I reached her pussy she sepraeded her lage for me
and here I saw full view of her tight pink love hole and hungrilly entered
my tounge into her this red hot hole and find a new pleasure of life when I
suck her salty juice of life oh baby I love it I suck her hole for 20 min
andduring thsi she grrabed my hard rock prick in ot her hand and rub it very
softly which make it very hard slowly . now she begging me oh pl jano fuck
me enter it in to me and crush me oh baby just fuck me pl so i take my 9"
lund in my hand amd adjust it on her cunt lips and push a one lioghtly strok
and my half lund enter into her pussy with out any resistant now I take back
it and again do it now I do go or forth and due to her slippry cunt I dont
feel and hasart to enter my hole 9" lund into her red hot hole and
mmmmmmmmmmm I feel very much great of my life in heavean ooohhhhhhhhhh man i love it I slowly make my speed faster and faster and also she start to talke dirty like ohhhhh u mother fuker chood mujhay par daye me choot yeh 5 saal say piyasiee hai oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh jano zor zor say karo and all of these work make me wild and mkame my speed faster and faster ,after 25min i feel I want to cum so i tell her I am cuming honey so she tell me pl cum all of ur load into my mouth so I take out my lund and give it into her mouth and when I un load my sperem all in her mouth she suck all of the my cun and sowllow it in her stamoch .

After this I fuck her lot and after this I make her my slave and agree her
to make a frendship with one of her friend wich is also a sexy boombshell
and very nice one .
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Me and My cousin brother Playing Game -Eng.Sex Story

It was a summer vacation. My parents had left to office. My cousin brother 2 yrs elder had come for vacations to our house. Wee both were alone at home as my parents were not at home. Getting bored we tried all sorts of games. Finally we decided to play mummy child play. One of us in turns were supposed to be child & other the mother. First I was the mother. My brother was the child and he acted as if he was crying & I were to do all things that will make him stop crying. I was singing a lullaby,put him on my lap,patted & so on. Finally I took a bottle & kept it in his mouth as if it was a feeding bottle. My brother started sucking it & stopped crying. Now it was my turn to be a child. I decided that I wont give up. I started to cry. He tried all that I tried to stop me crying, but I was not giving up.
Then he tried patting me on m! y chest to make me sleep. Something amusing started to happen as he was patting almost my breasts. But I didn’t mind it. Now he took Mr. ,e on his shoulder and started patting my back. Now the amusement was still increasing as my breasts were pressing against his chest. Still no bad thoughts in both of our minds. I was not giving up. I didn’t know what went in his mind, he put me back on his lap & he kept his hands on his chest & said now drink this as if he was breast feeding. I got a shock & I stopped crying. He won but still I was not coming out of the shock. He was in that position for sometime & the amusement was getting concentrated inside me near my breast & down there between my legs. I was not able to understand that feeling. Now he said it was his turn to be a child.

I put him on my lap & patted him. He said he is not going to stop until I did what he did. I felt shy & closed my face. He was not leaving he told me to do the same. I kept my hands on my fully clothed breast with a pounding heart & acted to offer him that. To my great surprise he took the breast in his mouth. I just pulled back. He again did so. This time I was closing my eyes tightly & letting him continue. I opened my eyes to see that something hard was touching my hand from in side his lungi. The amusement was getting more & some juicy fluid was wetting my panty. Though scared about this first I was letting things happen. He stopped & he said “you should lift up your cloth & feed the real way otherwise I will start crying”. Hearing this my heart pounded hard but I did not do that. Now he lifted my tops ( a sort of shirt! ) & exposed my bra of one side. Amusement was pouring fluid down there. I didn’t stop him.

He tried to lift my bra which was difficult so he traced it back & released the hook. Now it lifted my bra on one side exposed my hardened tits with my heart pounding harder & harder. I couldn’t control my self but did nothing to stop him. He took my whole breast in his mouth & started sucking my breast like anything while his other hand traveled to the other side & started squeezing it. I was forgetting myself. I could not imagine what was happening, but enjoyed every moment. Now I realized that the hard thing that was touching my hand was pulsating harder & harder. Curiosity of how it was pulsating was getting on to my head. My brother pushed me to lie down & lifted both my tops & bra up making my breast see up. He got up to adjust himself just then his lungi slipped & fell down getting me the answer to m! y curiosity. I saw his bare hard thing jumping up & down. My panty was as wet with my juice as I was drenched in rain. My eyes was fixed to his thing. Seeing this he threw his lungi aside & was naked completely. Now he started to take revenge. He loosened my skirt & pulled it down inspite of the ressistance of my hands. ( probably the ressistance was deliberately not enough ). My eyes could see my wet orange spotted panty. But his eyes could not tolerate it being there.

He touched my wet paoing to leave me. He hugged me with my breast pressed hard against his chest & made me lie down, started to squeeze my breast with his hands, kissed me everywhere, sucked my breasts hard, went down to my panty bit it with his teeth & pulled it donty at the most wet part. I jumped & pushed him aside & sat up suddenly with my breasts jumping up & down. He was not gwn. Now my hairy mond was open & I squeezed my leg! s harder. My brother puleed down my panty with his mouth took it out of my legs & tasted sucking the the juice out of my panty. Seeing this I was pushing out more & more fluid. Now he opened my legs against ressistance my box was now exposed to his view with hairs wet with juice. He touched me there put his finger in. I jumped with excitement. He pushed it more & more & pulled out & pushed in & out. I was pouring his fingers with my juice. The other hand was squeezing my breast. Now he took my hand & placed it on his hard thing. Heart was bursting. I touched it for the first time. He was also wet over his thing. I held it tight pulled the skin down. He squeezed my breast more & more as I did that.

Now his pink head was fully seeing me. He forcefully kept it on my lips now I took it inside my mouth. It was tasting great suddenly he pulled it out & bent my legs up, opened my lower lips & pushed ! his thing in forcefully. I shouted aloud he closed my mouth with his. Pumped me harder & harder. I know I was shouting harder but no sound was let out by his mouth. I was about to climax so was he. He pulled it out & poured his hot cream on my breasts & face & came in. we laid there on each other for some time. We got up. Cleansed ourselves dressed up. Guilt was making us not face each other. But after sometime he gave me a kiss on my cheek & hugged me. I too hugged him hard & planted kisses on him. The guilt was gone. We had ourselves everyday then on till he went back & now every vacations we fuck
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அம்மாவையும் பொண்ணையும் ஓத்த கதை thanglish

Nan Suriya Prakash. Vayasu 30. AGs officele auditora velai parkiran. Enakku kalyanam agi 4 varuzam achu. Oru vayasile oru payan undu. En wife peyar Vasu,26 years. Enga rendu perukkum sexle rumba viruppam jasthi. Nangal daily pannuvom. Ennai vida Vasukku than sex aasai rumba adhigam. Avalal oru nal kuda saman podamal irukka mudiyadhu. Nanga Chrompetle engal vittil irukirom Idu en Wife Vasuki eppti irukka partha Otthu kitte irukalam irukille..?
Nanga first floorle irukirom. Ground floor vadakaikku vittu irukirom. Ground floorle ammavum ponnum irukkirangal. Amma private schoolil teacher aga veli parkiral. Ava ponnu, Nirosha, graduation mudithavudan, nan recommend panni oru software campanile join panni irukkiral.
Andha teacher, Pushpavukku en mel rumba mariyadhai adigam. Nan velai vangi koduthathal avalukku rumba sandhosham. Pushpa vukku husband illai. Aval poorvam pathi enakku theriyadhu. But Pushpa rumba sexiea iruppa. Super mulai avalukku. Nan avalai Teachernnu than kupiduven. Avalukku sumar 41 years irukkum. Pushpa Suoer Sivuppu. lakshanama iruppa. kundi romba supera irukkum. Nadakum podhu kundi rendum dance adum. Parpavarkalukku saman viraikka armbichuvidum.ito Pushpa photo summa Kummunu irukka ille
 Amma pola Niroshvukkum super mulaigal. But konjam sinnadha irukkum.
En mamiyarukku udambu sari illai endru news vandadal, Vasu Tirunelveli poivittal. Thirumba vara one week agum. Nan oru nal hotelil sapittu vittu, night 8.30kku vittukku vandhen. Varum podhu Niroshavai parthen. Night shiftkku pogiren ennru sonnal. Night shiftukku ponal next day morning 8 manikku than thirumba varuval. Romba bore adithathu. Vasu illamal nightle rumba kazta patten. TV parthukondu pozudhai pokkinen. Sumar 9.30kku compound wall gat satham kettadhu. Jannal vaizye etti parthen. Oru aal gateai thirandhu kondu ulle vandhan. Nere keez Pushpa vittukku ponan. Just another 10 nimuteskku pin thirumbavum gate satham kettadhu. Thirumbvaum etti parthen. Ippo Pushpa gateai pootikondu irundhal. Ennakku ore doubt. Oru aal vandhan. Avan innum pogavillai: but Pushpa gateai pootivittalennu. Kuruttu yosanai pannikonde pozudhai pokkienen. But enakku vandhadhu yar ennru arindhu kolla aasai. Nicea keezhe vandhen. But kadhavu thazpal pottu irundhadhu. Side vaziye ponnen. Second bedroomle light erindhukondu irundhadhu. Jannal konjam lesa thirundhu irundhadhu. Satham podamal, andha gap vaziye etti parthen. Enakku ore shock. Nan parthathai nambave mudiyavillai. Ulle Pushpa ammanamaa paduthukondu irundhal. Andha aal ava mulaiai kasakki kondu irundhan. Pushpa mallakka paduthukondu irundhadal, ava pundai nandraga therindhadhu. Ava pundai mudiai nandraga trim panni vaithu kondu irundhal. ava pundai Idly poola uppi konjam pudaippa irundhadhu. Anna aal konja neram ava mualiyai kasaikkivittu, pin sappinan. Again konja neratthukku pin, avalai okka thodanginan. Avan pool sumar 6 inches irukkukm. Avan okka okka, Pusha munaginal. Enakku ore shandhosam but bayam vere. Thirutthu thanamaga avargal oppathai parthukondu irundhen. Avarkal oppathai parthukondu irukkumpodhu, en saman bayangaramaga termper achu. Avan 5 minutes othapin, sunniai veliye eduthu, kanjiai aval pundai mel vittan. Nan udane satham podamal, madiku vandhu vitten. But ennal thanga mudiyavillai. Rendu murai kai adithen. Appidiye thoongi vitten. Maru nal fulla idhe ennam.
Office poi vittu varum pozdhu hotelil tiffin sappittu vittu vandhen. Vittle vandhu rest mathikondu, jatti podaml lungi katti konden. Oru T shirt pottukonden. Konja nerathukku pin, keez vittukku poi calling azuthinen. Pushpa kadavai thrindu ulle varumpadi sonnal. Aval rumba transparent nighty pottu kondu irundhal. Mel buttonum podavillai. Aval cleavage nandraga thrindhadhu. Sofavil okkara sonnal. Enna sappidugireengannu ketta. Nan onnum vendamnnu sollivittu avalai satru othu parthen. Nan ketten: Teacher nethu night yar vandhal. Avan konjam perplex anal; but sonnal: yarum vara villai Sir. Nan mattum than irundhen. Niroshavum night dutykku poi vittalnnu. Nan sonnen: Teacher poi solladheenga. Enakku thorium yar vandhnnu. Neenga rendu perum night poora jollya irundhadhum enakku theriyum. Neenga rumba nalla madhirini endhu than ungnalai kudi vaithen. Neenga ippidi seiveengannu nan konjam kuda edhir parka villai. Nan ivvaru sollum podhu, aval vele velathu poivittal. Kaikal konjam nadunga armbichana. Nan continue panninen: Unagalukku kalynam panra vayasule oru ponnu irukka. Neenga yar kodavo padhuthathai pathi avalukku therincha unga nilmai ennavagumnnu yosichu partheengala. Neenga ivvaru yarukudavo paduthu kondathale, avl ungalai pathi enna ninaippal. Unga meedhu mariyadhai varuma. Nan ivvaru kettavudan, Pushpa poi vassal kadavai sathi vittu aza arambithal. Aval sonnal: neengal nethu night nandandhadhai parthapin, nan unmaiai solikern. Aval continue panninal: Avalum ava husbandum love panni kalyanam panni kondargal. Kalyanam ana pudhuzil, avalukku sex pathi onnum theriyadhu; aasaium kidayadhu jasthiyaga. But ava hushandkku rumba rumba sex feeling undu. Daily rendu thadavaiyavadhu avail pannuvanam. Ivvaru panni panni, ival sex aasaiai kilappi vittu vittan. Adhanal, konja nalaikku pin avalukkum rumba aasai agai vittadhu. Ivale avanidam poi okka solluvalam. Ippidi irukkumpodhu, oru time conceive analam. But ava husband avalai abort pannikka solli vittanam. Again 6 mazathukkupin, thirumbavum conceive anal. Indha thadaviyum abort pannikka sonnanam. But iva pidivathamaga mattennu solli vital. Adharkku apporam, avanukku ival mel irundha aasai konjam konjamaga kuraya arambithu vittadhu. Nirzoha prindhapin, suthamanna oppathai niruthiye vittanam. Ival asaiyaga kuppidapodhilum, avan varavillai. Konja nallukku pin, avan sonnanam: avanukku Tirunelvlelikku mathi vittalgalnnu. Ival poga vendamnnu sonnalam. But avan Pushpavaium, Niroshavaium vittu vittu Tirunelvelikku poi join panni vittanam. Pona pin rendu murai vandhanam. Appavum ival kuppittapin kuda, okka maruthu vittan. Iavlukku rumba varuthamaga irundhadhu. Konja nalaikkupin Pushpavukku andha news vandhadhu. Avan than officele velai parukkum Manjula enra pennudan serndhu vazkiranam. Pushpavukku vazkai veruthu vittadhu. Nirozha sinna kuzandai. Samadanam seidhu parthal. Avan varavillai. Then kaztappatu Divorce vangi kondal.
But avanal armbichu vacha sex aasaiai kattu padutha mudiyavillai. Konja nal aval koda velai parkum oruvandum thodrbu erpattu oru sila murai uravu kondalam. But avanum poivittan. Ivalal udal pasiyai thanga mudiyavillai. Eppidiyo kaztapattu thangi kondal. But konja nala indha aaloda pazakkam. Thirumbavum sex aasai thulir vittu vittadhu. Sumar 6 mazamaka avanun serndhu paduthu kolkiralam. Aval melum sonnal: Ennal onnum mudiyavilli. Ellorum jollya 50 vayasu varai pannumpodhu, nam mattum en pannamal irukka koodhannu feel panna armbichal.Indha kadaiai solli mudichavudan, aval kettal. Sir, neenga sollunga nan panninadhu thappa alladhu sariya.
Nan directa padhil solla villai. Nan sonnen indha vizayam parti un daughter Niroshavidam solli viduvennnu baya muruthinen. Aval azudhu konde sonnal: Sir please, neenga en thambi madhiri. Please Niroshavidam sollatheenga. Aval ennai vittu poivittal, ennal thanga mudiyadhu. Indha vizam namma rendu perukku mattum therindhadhaga irukkatum. Ivvaru avall sollikonde irukkumpodhu, en saman control panna mudiyamal temper agai vittadhu. Athai avalum parthu vital. Nan konjam theairiyamaga ketten: indha vizayathai Niroshavidam sollamal irukka neenga enakku enna tharuveenga. Aval sonnal neenga enna kettalum tharuven. Nan sonnen enna kettalum tharuveengalannu. Ava sonnal promise solren. Neenga indha vizayathai Nirozhavidam sollamal irukka, nan neenga enna kettalum tharuven. Nan ketten, nethu vandha aalukku kidcha chance madhiri enakkum kidaikkumannu.
Aval udane sirithal. Ponga Sir, neenga rumba perisa ennova kekka poreengannu nan bayandhu poiten. Indhu thane ungal demand. Kavlai padatheenga. Unagalukku andha sugam kidaikkumnnu solli takkunnu en samanai pidithu stroke panninal. En lungiai avale kayaivittu, en samanai parthu rumba perisa irukkum pola irukkennu kettal. Nan sonnen ennodadhu 8 inches irukunnu. Aval sonnal: Vasu rumba koduthu vaithaval. Endha pombilaikku 6 inchkku mele sunni kidaikiradho avargal ellam rumba adhirstam panninavargal. Aval en samanai pidithu atta atta adhu viswaroobam eduthathu. Aval udane ezundhu kondu, than nightyai thalai vaziye kayathinal. Ippo nal aval mulai and pundaiai rumba close rangele parthen. Mulai rendum summa kuthi kondu irundhadhu. Aval konjam karuppu. Mulai kambu neraga ninadhu. Aval pundai mudiai supera trim panni vaithu kondu irundhal. Aval pundaiyum rumba oppi irundhaadhale pakka supera irundhadhu. Pundaile ulle eram nandraga therindadhu. En kaiai eduthu Pushpa than mulai mele vachu amukka sonnal. Konja neram ammukivittu, konajam sappinen. Pinner ennai bedroomukku azaithukondu poi, padukail malakka padhuthukondu, kalai nangu virichu kondal. Aval appidi virichukondu irukkumpodhu, ava pundai vai thirandhu ulle pinka therindhadhu. Nan aval kalukku naduvil poi, en samanai aval pundaile vachu azuthinen. Aval pundai rumba rumba tightaga irundhadhu. Evvalavu azuthium, en pool padhi kooda ava pundiakul poga villai. Nan kettern: eppidi indha vayasilum unga pundai ivvalvu tighta irukkunnu. Ava sonnal: podhuvaga en pundai rumba tight than. Melum rumba varuzama okkadadhunale, tighta irukku. Konja mazam regular otha, pundai loose agividum. Nan sonnen ungalai vida Vasu rumba sinnava. But ava pundai ivvalavu tight illai. Adharkku Pushpa sonnal: neenga avalai daily okkarthunale, ava pundai loose agi irukkum. Melum kuzandhai pethukondu rumba nal aga villai. Ennaiyum yaravadhu regulalrlla othu irundhal, en pundai ivvalavu tightaga irukkadhu. Nethu kuda andha aal sonar: avar parthathuleye rumba tighta irndha pundai ennodhadhu thananam. Thirumbavum rumba sakthikondu oru push koduthen. Eppaidiyo en 8 inch pool fulla aval koodhikulle poi vittadhu. Pin nan avalai okka arambichen. Nan summa solla koodadhu. Nan oppathele expert. Nan opparthai ava rumba rasicha. Ava sonnal: Indha madhiri kalynam agai konja nal than othu irukken. Indha madhiri othu irundhal, en pundai ennikio rumba loosa agai irukkum. Nan en vaz nalil ippodhuthan muzuvadhumaga okkapadukiren. Romba snadhoshama irukku. Nan sonnen: Teacher enakku varum pola irukku. Nanum konjam kastapattu adakkikondu than irukkiren. But ennal thanga mudiyavillai. Kanji varum pola irukkunnu. Aval sonnal: indhe madhiri othathe illai. Adhanal parava illai. Nalla othu unga kanjiai en pundaikulle vittu vidunga. Onnum agadhu. Nan innum balathai vara vazithkondu avlai kalai madu pasuvai okkar madhiri, othu, en kanjiaiai aval pundaikulle peechinen. Enakke nandraga therindhadhu. Indha nal varai, yen Vasuvai okkumpodhu kooda, indha alavukku kanji vandhadhillai. Sumar 7 murai kanjiai peechi adithuvittn, irangi konjam paduthukkondu rest eduthukondu vittu, nan madikku poivitten.
Atharkku apporam ennai parthu oru vizama sirrupu siruppal. But atharukku pin, oru nal kooda avalai okka villai. En wife Vasu matrum oru murai Trichil nadakkum kalyanathukku ponal. Appodhu Pushpa vandhu ennidal sonnal: Aval school vizayamaga 4 nal veliyur poga vendum. Nirozhavai konjam parthukka sonnal. Nan kavalai padamal pongal ennru soli anupinen. First rendu nalikkum, keeze poi Nirozhavai visaripen. Edhavadhu venduma enru. Aval rumba thanks Uncle. Ondrum vendamnnu solluval. Moonavadhu nalum adhu pol night 8.30kku aval vittukku ponen. Vasal kadhavu thirandhu kidandhadhu. Ulle medhuva satham kettadhu. Nicea etti parthen. O God. Computerle oru blue film odi kondu irundhadhu. Nirozha than nightyai thooki kondu than pundai mele kai vaithdukondu or nondikondu film parthu kondu irundhal. Nan vandhadhu kooda avalukku theriyadhu. Nan konja nerathukku pin, Niroza enru satham potu kupiten. Aval pinnal ennai parthavudan, udane compueterai off saidu vittu, nightyai thonga pottu kondu sorry uncle endral.
Enna achu unakkunnu ketten. Ondrum illai Uncle en friend oru padam koduthan. Athai parthukondu irundhen. Neengal vandhadai kavanikka villai. Nan ketten: Nirozha, nee pannuvandhu sari thana. Kadhavai kuda sathamal oru vayasu ponnu ippidi film pakkalama. Sari unakku eppidi indha blue flim CD kidaithathu. Aval padhil ondrum sollamal nindru kondal. Nan thirumbavum kettavudan en friend koduthan endral. Un friend endralnnu ketten. Aval sonnal Sureshnnu enakku oru boy friend irukkan. Avan than idhai koduthan. Nan ketten: Nee velaikku join panni konja nal kooda agale; adhkulle boy frienda. Ava sonna: Uncle avan rumba nala en kuda friedship vachukondu irukkan. College padikkumpodhe friend. Nan sonnen: Sari friendnnu solriye; friendnnu indha madhiri blue filim koduthal, avan eppidi nadandhu kolvuannu enakku thorium. Ava sonnal: sorry uncle; nanga konja nala vel indha pazakkam vachukondu irukkom. Nan ketten pazakkamnna enna artham: ava sonna: nanga rumba nerukkama pazakarom. Nan ketten: you mean in Sex./She said yes: nan ketten: Niroza idhu ellam thappu illayamma. Melum nee innum kalyanam agadha ponnu. Avanai nimbi nee avanum sex vachukondu irukiye. Avan unnai vittu poi vital enna pannuve. Illai uncle, avan rumba nallalvan. Nan sonnen: Mudhalil ippidithan irukkum. Konja nalaikku approm sex aluthuponal, avan unnidam kooda iruppannnu onnum guarantee illai. Ava sonna: appidi solltheenga uncle. Avan ennai kai vida mattan. Nan ketten. Sari evvalavu nala indhu nadakardhu; melum indhu unga ammavukku theriyuma. Ava sonnal nanga rendu varuzama oru varuzama sex vachukondu irukkom. Ammavukku theiryadhu; Please uncle, ammakitte solladheenga uncle. Nane samayam varumpodhu soli vidigiren. Appidiye sonnalum, enga sex uravai pathi solla matten uncle. Please uncle neenga amma kitte solladeenga unclennu, takkunnu en kalil vizunda. Nan avalai thooki pidithu, ok Niza nan unga amma kitte indhai pathi solla matten. But nee enakku oru help pannanum. Ena unclennu ketta. Andha CDai konjam kudu. Nee en computerle pottu pakren. Ava sonna: :P lease uncle unge vittule CDle vendam. Ingeye nama rendu perum pakkalamnnu solli, en padhilkku kooda kathiramal, computerai on saidal.
Andha filmil, oru black chap, rendu ladiesai othu kondu irundhan. Avan sunni sumar 1 adi irukkum pola irundhadhu. Oru pombilaikkku, boobs rumba perisagavum, thongiyuum irundadhu. Avan oruthi pundiale othu konde inoruthi koodhile kaiai vittu nondi kondu irundhan. Nanum ennai ariyamal en saman mel kai vaithukondu parthukondu irukkumpodhu, sattunnu Niroza en samanai pidithal. Enakku enna saivathendre puriyavillai. Aval ennai vida sumar 9 vayasu sinnaval. Aval kaiai vaithadum, en sunni innum rumba perisa marivittadhu. Aval undane, en lungiai kayativittu, en samanai uruvinal. Padathil andha karuppan, ippo adutha pombilaiai othukondu in oruthi kundile virlai vittu kudaindhu kondu irundhan. Appidiye sonnalum, enga sex uravai pathi solla matten uncle. Please uncle neenga amma kitte solladeenga unclennu, takkunnu en kalil vizunda. Nan avalai thooki pidithu, ok Niza nan unga amma kitte indhai pathi solla matten. But nee enakku oru help pannanum. Ena unclennu ketta. Andha CDai konjam kudu. Nee en computerle pottu pakren. Ava sonna: :P lease uncle unge vittule CDle vendam. Ingeye nama rendu perum pakkalamnnu solli, en padhilkku kooda kathiramal, computerai on saidal.
Andha filmil, oru black chap, rendu ladiesai othu kondu irundhan. Avan sunni sumar 1 adi irukkum pola irundhadhu. Oru pombilaikkku, boobs rumba perisagavum, thongiyuum irundadhu. Avan oruthi pundiale othu konde inoruthi koodhile kaiai vittu nondi kondu irundhan. Nanum ennai ariyamal en saman mel kai vaithukondu parthukondu irukkumpodhu, sattunnu Niroza en samanai pidithal. Enakku enna saivathendre puriyavillai. Aval ennai vida sumar 9 vayasu sinnaval. Aval kaiai vaithadum, en sunni innum rumba perisa marivittadhu. Aval undane, en lungiai kayativittu, en samanai uruvinal. Padathil andha karuppan, ippo adutha pombilaiai othukondu in oruthi kundile virlai vittu kudaindhu kondu irundhan. 5 nimizathukku pin, Niroza than nightyai kayatinal. Enakku ore achairyam. Ava amma kayathinathi polave, ivalum ulle onnum pottukavillai. Appidiye chairle ennai okkara vaidhu, en thodai mele eri, avale en samanai uruvui, than pundaikulle thinithukondal. Nan ondrum saiyavillai. Avale en kaiai eduthu than mulaimethu vaithu thaikka sonnal. Ippo andha blue filmle nangal saivadhupolave, andha karuppanai okkara vaithu, avanukku mudugai kamithukondu, avan thodai mele okkarndhu, avanadu 1 adi poolai aval than koodhile vittukondu kudhikka thodanginal. More or less, Niroza positional aval irundhal. Athai partavudan, Niroza rumba vegagama kuthithu kuthithu okka arambithal. Ennal thakku pidikka mudiyvavilli. 5 nimizathile en sunni kanjiai kakki vittadhu. Kanji peechi adikkumpodhu kooda, ava than pundaiai en sunnilelrendhu edukka villai. Nan ketten: en nee en kanjiai ulle vittu kondai. Bayama illaiannu. Ava sonna: Suresh eppodhum okkumpodhu, kanjiai ullethan viduvan. Nan pills eduthukondu varugiren. Pegnancy bayam kidayathu. En thambi full kanjiai ava pundaile pachiyavudan, avan irnginal. Konja neram en samanai uruvi pin perisakkinal. Ippo aval chairle okkarndhu kondu kalai virichu vachu kondal. Nan aval kalkku naduvil poi, en samanai avl pundai vachu ammukinen. Aval amma pundaiai kattilum, Niroza pundai avvalavu tighta aga illai. Sureh nandra okkaran endru ninathikondu, nanum vega vegamaga othukondu irundhen. Again 6 nimizathle, kanjiai ava pundaile kottine. Pinner, avalim sorry sollivittu, vittukku poivitten.
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